With over 15 years of experience in event planning and design - Sara found that her absolute favorite event detail was floral design. Bella by Sara ignites her creative expression and passion. 

Even as a little girl, Sara was always using her creativity and imagination to bring new and exciting ideas to life – seeing life through creative and artistic eyes.

Sara Mulder

the artist

The Bella by Sara team is passionate, creative, energetic and fun to work with. We pick the best flowers to use in our designs, because we pick the best clients who share our standards for high-quality production. Sara is inspired by the individuality of each client and determines which projects are a good fit after meeting them for a personalized consultation. You are not just another client in the books. When you choose to make Bella by Sara a part of your event - we do not just create for you, we create with you.

Bella by Sara is known for producing statement pieces and we excel at designing ornate installations and floral arches.

our style