Therefore, from beginning to end, we research and develop strategic ideas for the entire event. This process is specifically geared towards your style, color scheme, event location and personality.

We create masterful floral pieces for weddings, corporate functions and social events. Bella by Sara is known for producing statement pieces and designing ornate installations. Our team works hard to make your special day unforgettable.

With Bella by Sara, you are investing in over 15 years of combined experience in the wedding and special events industry. 

Our approach is to value the concept of a cohesive and personalized design that showcases our client's style.


We understand that allocating a budget towards design is important. To give you an idea on what price range your event will typically fall under, it is often suggested that you allow 10%-30% of your budget to realize your event dreams.

Our average wedding/event floral budgets start at $5000+ for a smaller, 125-150 guest event; $8000 - $10,000+ for an average, 200-350 guest event; $15,000+, for moderate, 350++ guest event; and go up from there. But all events are truly different and vary in price. In addition, we specialize in backdrops for intimate weddings for couples looking to keep their wedding small. 

Our passion for floral design is infused in each event we participate in. 

We only use quality flowers and always go above and beyond to create customized, high-end designs that meet your expectations. We make it our priority to commit to bringing your floral visions to life from the moment you decide to include us in your event team.

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